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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  November 19, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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somebody's got to do it is mostly programmed from ideas from fans. if you're a fan and you have an idea or you know somebody who has to do it, go to and tell me all about it. >> hello. great to have you with us. we would like to welcome our viewers around the united states and all around the world. i'm john vause. i'm zain asher. several feet of snow have been dumped on buffalo, new york. now the seemingly impossible job of digging out begins. >> also ahead, even before u.s. president barack obama announces his immigration overhaul, critics are attacking the plan on both the right and the left. >> yeah, and it just keeps getting worse for bill cosby. even as more accusers come forward, companies associated with him cannot distance themselves fast enough. >> hello, everyone. we'll begin with the terrible weather in buffalo, new york.
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they have been trying to shovel their way out of six feet of snow. but for many, it is just to no avail. >> to no avail indeed. the death toll for the storm now sfands at seven. officials are predicting the city's entire weather budget will be shortly wiped out. cnn's martin savage got an uploes look at just how bad the situation is. >> for the first time we make it into buffalo's hardest hit neighborhoods. here the snow is over six feet deep. the entire landscape has changed. . on lilac street in south buffalo, i come across donna and sean, the mother and son who spent a break in the snowfall trying to free their car. >> how long did it take you to get this far? >> four or five hours. >> reporter: and what's the goal? what are you trying to do? >> just make a path to get down the street and get functional again. >> across the street, richard gayhard has lived in buffalo all his life and never seen a snow
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like this. >> you had this cleared off? >> it was all cleared off last night. >>. >> reporter: so everything on that car is last night? >> watch out, you're going to fall. >> reporter: wayne starts at the roof and digs down. why are you trying to get out? where are you going to go? >> get it off the street so they can plow. >> reporter: here the tools that usually handle the snow struggle to clear any kind of path. it's exactly the problem the city has trying to remove six feet of snow dumped over ten square miles. >> when you have these major lake effects that come in, they dump a lot of snow. and instead of pushing them and piling them up on people's property, we haul it here. >> contractors have been brought in and now run their rigs 24 hours a day. >> when we come back here, we
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dump it off and go back for another one. we do what we can do. >> they're trying to push the snow around to make room for more. buffalo is known for its snow, but not like this. before the week is out, some parts of town could see an entire year's worth of white. >> a >> take a look at that. a minivan, just trying to dig, get it out of the driveway. they eventually gave up. and right over here, another vehicle is going to have to wait for another day. martin savage, cnn. >> mar ten savage joins us now from the storm zone in buffalo, new york. marty, just explain to us how difficult it is to just get around. how do you navigate through so much snow? >> it is almost impossible for the local people here.
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they have made good progress right here. that's because we're right outside of a fire station. crucial, of course, for rescues. so they have been working heavily to keep this clear. look at this over here, john. this is just an example of the kind of snow that you're up against here. these are massive, massive snow mounts. part of this is created as a result of wind blow. they're running out of room to put the snow. you've got so much snow, this isn't the kind of stuff you push aside. the plows have run into the problem that they thought they could go down the street and then they realized, oh, those are automobiles that are parked underneath all that snow and headed back out. bring in front end loaders and they're clearing it now as if it was a mud slide or something like that. you've got to physically lift it, put it into trucks and then they're hauling it. and then the next problem, finding enough space to store it all. so they have found some abandoned plots of land, huge
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one, that they're now using to store the snow temporarily. they're hauling it out of here it.'s the only way, john. >> they are pretty tough in buffalo. the town gave us wolf blitzer, after all. but it seems the speed of the snowfall may have caught some people off-guard. >> reporter: that's the first thing they tell you. buffalo is known, it's got this reputation for getting a lot of snow. this is way beyond anything that they're really accustomed to. they've got good spirits, though. everywhere you run into people, they wave at you. they're obviously looking after one another. but this is not the kind of typical snow they had. they may get now by the time this event is done, say, friday, saturday, they may have a whole season's worth of snow in one essentially snowfall. that is unbelievable. >> so looking at people who have already been snowed in for a day or two, it could be going on for quite a few more days. how are they coping?
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>> well, i mean, you've got people mainly who go about on foot. the emergency vehicle, they can get around driving, but most people are walking. some are using their snowmobiles. you can't drive, you can't move about in there. we were struck by the fact that usually with snowfalls, there's always kids out playing because they've got a day off from school. there's too much zmoe to even play and sled. they're not doing that. so a lo the of people are hunkered down, waiting for the worst to get past. they tried to get out of their cars. they eventually realized what's point. you can't get down the road. they've got good spirit, and just watching these guys towing a man down the road on the back of their vehicle. they're still having fun while they're trying to cope with it. >> until it all melt, a few thousand people are going to be playing dude where's my car.
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people buried, trapped inside their homes. and of course there's more snow to come. >> you're right. that's the big headline. it's just so sad to hear the kids can't even play with the snow. there's just too much. >> it's just miserable. >> what is that? >> let's put this epic snowfall into perspective. they have on an average winter in buffalo, new york, 83 inches. there's another 12 to 24 inches headed their way. that will push them over the edge. lake-effect snow is very heavy and wet snowfall as well. this is such an early snowfall in the season that there's still leaves on the trees. with snow weighing roughly about 15 pounds per cubic foot and the leaves still on the tree, you start snapping branches very quick will i. hooer's the snowfall winner, we would like to say.
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65 unchs, western new york. that was the bull's eye. and it was a very narrow band. this is roughly about ten miles wide. look at the snowfalls to the north and snowfalls to the south. almost next to nothing. now this is what we have going forward. we're expecting roughly 20 to 24 inches just to the south of buffalo. the city center of buffalo. even some higher local amounts, that's possible. but it is really all about the direction of the wind. especially with this type of a lake-effect snow event. now if you can see closely on this radar, we have had a break in the snow today. but there's another band that's setting up. that's why we have additional snow in this forecast. and again, it is all about the direction of the wind. because if it's a west to southwesterly wind, we see the heaviest snow band just south of buffalo, but if it's due southwest, that is winds from the southwest directly, that brings the wind or the snow band right into the city center of buffalo. this is really important. just take a look at what set up
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across lake erie recently. there's the intense snow band, there's buffalo. this is a web cam of downtown buffalo. notice it's not even getting any snow on tuesday and wednesday. it's just to the south that was hardest hit. so really, that wind direction is so critical and makes the job as meteorologist very, very difficult. let's put it into perspective. five september meter snowfall totals. very, very impressive stuff. nonetheless, all the ingredients were there for the perfect winter storm. warm lake waters on lake erie, cool wind rushing over the top of it. and just to make matters worse, this has been some of the coldest temperatures since 1976 across much of north america. take a look at some of these aerial visuals coming out of the region. people getting stuck in their cars. only onele road to get around. obviously very difficult for emergency personnel as well. >> yeah, and it's not just buffalo you have to think about.
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also freezing temperatures in hawaii, also florida as well. >> 50 u.s. states. >> and when it melt, there's going to be a lot of water. >> we're going to see a warm-up into the weekend. all this snow is going to melt very quickly. >> i wonder if it's warm in atlanta. >> well, buffalo's professional football team, the bills, are scheduled to play a home game this sunday. the team is asking for the public's help to clear more than 200,000 tons of snow from the stadium. volunteers will be getting $10 an hour plus free game tickets. john vause is actually going to help out. >> yeah, i have my shovel ready to go. >> another big story which will develop in the coming hours, president barack obama moving forward with immigration reform and he's triggering a fierce battle with republicans. he met with congressional democrats at the white house to discuss the plan ahead of a national address later on thursday night. michelle kaczynski has a preview
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of what's expected in the president's executive order. >> i'm going to make the system work better even as i continue to work with congress and encourage them to get a bipartisan, comprehensive bill that can solve the entire problem. >> tomorrow, 8:00 p.m. on television, he will have unveil his plan. but according to sources, it's likely to offer work permits and defer deportation to more than 3 million people, including the undocumented parents of chirp who are american citizens or have some legal status already, if those parents have been living in the u.s. for a number of years. it could expand those same allowances that the president granted in 2012 to people brought here illegally as children, known as dreamers. but sources believe it will not include the parents of those dreamers. and it's not a path to citizenship, but a temporary renewable right to stay and work.
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leading some groups to already complain the president's actions won't do enough. the white house director for domestic policy said this about its scope. >> he's going to go as far as he can under the law. >> there are questions surrounding what legal authority the president does have, considering he himself said repeatedly he didn't have the authority to act. >> i wish i could just bypass congress and change the law myself. but that's not how democracy works. >> the white house answered a bit differently. >> an impartial observer would conclude that the president has sought to maximize the use of his authority to try to solve these problems. and frankly, i think that's what the american people expect the president of the united states to do. >> but the other side, republicans infuriated by what they view is, quote, emperor obama far overstepping his legal bounds. >> if he goes through with this and he sticks a finger in the eye of the american people with know thought about it other than this is what i want to do and i'm going to do it, then i think
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he jeopardizes long-term the democrats ever to get back in power again in washington dak d.c. >> michele kaczynski, cnn, the white house. and the numbers are a reminder of why immigration is such a hot button issue across the united states. currently there's about 40 million immigrants in the united states, both legal and undocumented. >> and by the way, that's equal to 13% of the u.s. population. and it makes america the number one destination on earth for imgrants. >> about a quarter of them, 11 million or so, are undocumented. that number has i creased each year since 2000. >> of those who become legal residents in the u.s., 14% are from mexico. more than from any other country. >> and you can watch president obama's entire immigration speech live right here on cnn. our coverage will begin at 8:00 thursday night on the u.s. east coast. and if you are watching in london, that's 1:00 in the morning on friday.
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>> yes. be sure to tune in. welcoming up, ferguson, missouri, braces for a big decision. a white policeman who killed an unarmed black teenager could learn this week whether he is going to stand trial. >> also, bill cosby's reputation is in tatters. allegation sexual assault against the star have many now distance themselves from the comedian. so,as my personal financial psychic, i'm sure you know what this meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances. no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees. fees for those quarters. yeah. so, i'm confident i'm in good hands. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. you want i fix this mess? a mess? i don't think -- what's that? snapshot from progressive.
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>> welcome back, everyone. in ferguson, missouri, a decision could come on friday on whether the policeman who shot an unarmed teenager could end upstanding trial. >> the grand jury is preparing to meet again on friday. law enforcement officials say the decision on whether to charge officer darren wilson could come on that same day. angry and sometimes violent protesters have erupted since august when 18-year-old michael brown was shot and killed by officer wilson. missouri's governor has declared a state of emergency in case there's further unrest. >> there's a lot of tension right now. as these protests continue, officer wilson's conduct before the shooting actually took place is now coming under intense scrutiny. >> what's your name, sir?
10:18 pm
>> a video shows a confrontation between a police officer and a citizen back in 2013, an example of what has fuelled the mistrust among some residents in ferguson, missouri, over how some police have reacted to the public's right to record. details in this police report appear to match what happened in the video. the officer said he told a citizen he could record audio but not video. the officer making the report happens to be darren wilson, the same officer who shot and kille. >> sir, i'm not taking a picture, i'm recording this incident, sir. do i not have the right to record? >> reporter: but the aclu says he does, provided he doesn't interfere with the officer's ability to do his job. >> you have an absolute right to make a document, a recording of interactions with a government official. for a police officer to stel somebody they don't have that right is absolutely improper. >> we' just been told by the st. louis police department to turn off our cameras. we will not be turning off our
10:19 pm
cameras. >> reporter: this is one of several incidents where police told people, including jury roomists, to stop recording. the aclu says the actions show officers don't understand first amendment rights. the police officers association says officers will trained in that, but on the job, things are far more complicated. >> it involves state law and constitutional law and laws of use of force in police work. these are complicated topics, and just a quick video on youtube is not enough to indict an officer. >> reporter: police say the public should also consider these images, police pausing during a protest to have a civil conversation about how to get along. >> spitting. come on man, you know what i'm saying? >> i tell you right here, when i'm here, i expect every one of these officers to be professional. >> still, the aclu says it's
10:20 pm
more about than about tactics. it's about the law. it is now suing over the first amendment rights on behalf of the man who took this video, s mustafah hussein. >> the protesters were begging anybody with a camera, please don't leave, please stay. and that really rattled me inside. and that continued to motivate me to stay out here and continue to film. >> people certainly bracing themselves for that grand jury decision. much more on the michael brown shooting can, of course, be found on our website including five things you need to know about the grand jury investigation. find that and more at blaeking news now from florida where the florida state university has issued a warning
10:21 pm
of a dangerous situation on camp campus. our affiliate there, wctv is reporting the university has sent out an e-mail alert to students advising of this dangerous situation, telling them to seek shelter, stay away from doors and windows. there's also a number of reports on social media, which have shown a large response by emergency crews, by police, by fire officials as well who are all on cam fus right now. there's a lot of chatter going on act exactly what is happening. we have not confirmed anything apart from the fact that this alert of a dangerous situation has been issued at florida state university. it is a big campus, more than 40,000 students on that campus. the libraries there, at least a number of them are opened at this late hour. many students would be studying for finals exams which are due to take place in the next couple of weeks. we are hearing reports of a possible gunman on campus. but that's simply on social media at this point. we have no confirmation of that
10:22 pm
at this stage. we will continue to try to get more details. what we do know at this point, just to repeat, there is a dangerous situation on the main campus in tallahassee of florida state university. and they're advising students to seek shelter, stay away from doors as well as windows. and there have been a number of images out there on twitter of police cars and first responders on the scene. we'll get more details to you as soon as we get them. the allegations now against bill cosby keep on coming. the wife of actor lou farigno is the latest woman to accuse him of being unwanted advances. so far, we have not received a response to these latest allegations. cosby has repeatedly said that damaging allegation against him are just not true. he has never been prosecuted. in the meantime, these allegations have taken a toll on
10:23 pm
cosby's family. his friendly and fatherly image. first netflix put its cosby comedy on hond, and now nbc television network has shelved its own crosby project. more details. >> reporter: nbc and netflix distancing themselves from comedian bill cosby amid multiples a allegations of rape. nbc saying, quote, we can confirm the cosby project is no longer in development. this comes less than that day after netflix postponed their new cosby special, telling cnn, at this time, we we are postp e postponing the launch of "bill cosby 77." >> think about to 1987, it was the most successful year for the mega hit cosby show. and the center of it all, cosby himself, made $57 million that year. "forbes" magazine called him the top earning entertainer in america. and even after the sitcom faded
10:24 pm
away, the money kept coming. tens of millions from the show's syndication. and there were those famous jell-o sponsorships. and standup routines, books, movies and much more. women are back in the news accusing cosby of sexual assault saying their claims were not more widely believed years ago. money also makes people targets. some cosby fans say that's what's going on here. when cosby went on npr promoting a new do nation for his art exhibit, he was confronted with the allegations and had nothing to say. >> do you have any response to those charges? shaking your head no. >> reporter: and that just made the story even bigger. one accuser spoke out the next day. >> i really had nothing too gain by doing this, except to hopefully give some credentialn't to the women that came before me. and to let certain people who might believe it take another look at mr. cosby.
10:25 pm
>> reporter: all this is happening while cosby was having a career renaissance. he still makes millions from cosby show repeats, but in hollywood, this is being called a pr nightmare, a conundrum, ultimately because a lot of money is on the line. one more example of the financial bottom line here, late wednesday, the tv land cable channel in the u.s., which had been running repeats of the cosby show for a long time suddenly took those repeats off the schedule. they also took down the web page on their website all about "the cosby show." so that channel deciding like netflix, like nbc to distance itself from bill cosby, at least for the time being. let's go back to the breaking news out of tallahassee in florida. a dangerous situation on the campus of florida state university there. we have a new image, which is coming to us from wctv. it does, in fact, show the police, huge police presence now outside that campus which seems
10:26 pm
to match a number of the report which is we have received so far in social media and in particular from twitter saying the police are, in fact, on campus right now in response to this dangerous situation. there are a number of unconfirmed reports that there could possibly be a gunman on that campus and that students have been advised to stay away from doors and windows and to seek shelter. it does seem at this point, although we are yet to confirm it, the main foo kus of all of this is the main library there on the tallahassee campus. it is open 24 hours a day. at this point, right now, it may be that there could be many students there who would be studying for finals. the latest information we're getting is that two students are now being treated for gunshot wounds. so that is at least the confirmation now from what we've been hearing that a number of shots had been fired and at least two students have been wounded and have been taken to -- two patients, rather. we don't know if they're students but that would be the assumption at this stanl.
10:27 pm
but they are certainly two people who have been shot and wounded and are now being treated at a local hospital. all of this has, in fact, been developing for the last hour and and a half. that is when that alert first went out, just after midnight local time. and of course, we'll continue to try to get more details on this. it's very sketchy. the story is just still developing. we're trying to make certain of what we report at this stage. >> i cannot imagine being a parent and watching this unfold on cnn and finding out that your child might be in dpanger. >> we'll take a short break here. a lot more on the shooting in the tallahassee campus and the day's other news when we come back. ♪ they are a glowing example of what it means to be the best. and at this special time of year, they shine even brighter. come to the winter event and get the mercedes-benz you've always wished for, now for an exceptional price.
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while the u.s. has experienced their fair share of snow, some are experiencing it for the first time this season. what is happening in europe? >> it's another first snow of the season, but it's also going to cause travel dilays over eastern poland and the baltic states. it's nowhere near the feet of snow they're experiencing in the united states over the western parts of new york, but nonetheless, we're still expecting roughly between six and 12 inches of snowfall, particularly across parts of the baltic states, even towards belarus and parts of the ukraine. so if you're traveling in or out of this region, double check your flights.
10:31 pm
certainly some flight delays possible with this. this is the low pressure responsible for the moisture. the adriatic, upwards of 100 to 115 mill mimeters of hateful. we're also going to tap into this cold air from russia that's going to help produce some of this precipitation in the frozen variety. of course, that being snowfall and that is why we have brought that to your attention. you can see the storm system just churning about eastern parts of europe. here's the hateful totals, seeding 115 millimeters over the coastal areas of albania. 74 millimeters inland as well. this storm is going to stall out over the black sea. you can see the snowfall into parts of poland and even into the baltic states. more news and headlines coming up after a short break.
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cnn affiliate wctv has reported a nearby hospital has received two patients with gunshot wounds. it was earlier reported the university sent out an e-mail alert to students advising that there was a dangerous situation. they said they should seek sheller, stay away from doors as well as windows. as you can see, these images being september out on social media, also coming to us from wctv of the huge police presence outside of the university right now. the story is still unfolding. the details are not clear as to what may or may not have
10:35 pm
happened. but it does seem this is developing outside the main library at university there. we now have a sports editor for the student newspaper. he joins us now on the line. perry, thank you for being with us. tell us what you know about the events that unfolded over the last hour there? >> we do know that. >> i think we may have lost perry. he was there. he is one of the students who would be on this campus right now. it's 1:35 in florida on the east coast right now. we know the library, the main campus library -- >> open 24 hours. >> this is a huge university. about 40,000 students who a i tend there. it's spread over quite a few
10:36 pm
acre, about 400 acres or something. it's a big campus, a lot of students. those finals begin very early in december. those library, even though it's late at night, they would still bey with students. >> the priority right now is really going to be medical -- to give medical assistance to those people who may have been injured. i'm sure it's a chaotic scene unfolding on that campus right now. >> yeah. and as we know, we have heard that at least two people are being treated for gunshot wounds. at this point, we don't know if they are, in fact, students or faculty members or, in fact, who they may be. if they're police officers or if a gunman has been involved in this in any way. we know very little an't the gunman -- >> or even if there was a gunman at this point. other big stories making news around the world. >> the rhetoric in the ukraine
10:37 pm
conflict has now reached a new level on wednesday. the leader of one self-declared public wants to settle differences with a duel. >> igor polinsky issued the challenge. he said depict the times and weapons the winner should dick tame the terms to the other side. well, european monitors in the ukraine got a scare woenz when their convoy was fired on. they said bullets landed close to one vehicle but no one fortunately was hurt. >> convoys like that one have been monitoring the situation since march. mon stores have been accused of bias by both sides. >> as the rebels and the
10:38 pm
government in kiev a brace for more violence, people living in the south republics are suffering. >> winter is on its way and basic necessities are running low. phil black reports now from dontesk. of. >> this man break downs when he remembers the day war came to his town. he lost most of his home that day and something far more precious. i don't miss my house, he says. i miss my son. we raised him for 36 years. he shows us the shell that brought down his home. he describes how his son was shot in the chest and died moments later. this town is only a short drive from the russian border. the fighting here destroyed many homes and drove most locals away. he's one of the few to return,
10:39 pm
but there's no electricity and little food. he says he hasn't received a pension payment in five months. it's no longer just the separatist-held country side suffering because of war. this is the ree jorch's largest city. many are also unpaid pensionners, but now they're cut off from their savings as well. the ukrainian if the has ordered the few remaining state banks in separatist territories to close. so they stand in the cold, desperately hoping the doors will open. there are 260 people. this is the true number of people in this list. people come here, put their names down in this book and given a number. that the moment, still early in the morning. already to 260. i have no money, this woman says. i'm 83 years old. i'll probably die because i have
10:40 pm
nothing to eat. she's not alone. these people are getting food bundles. it's not much and they must last two weeks before they can get more. at the bus station, more crowds and grim faces. many here tell us they're traveling to other cities still in government control to try to get their bank deposits or collect pensions. much of their anger is directed at the ukrainian government, but that could change if separatist leaders fail to deliver on the responsibilities that come with the independence they're still fighting to achieve. bill black, cnn, donetsk, eastern ukraine. >> when we come back, officials say a beauty queen and her sister were murdered in honduras. find out who police have arrested in this story. so,as my personal financial psychic,
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many people are still in shock after the deadliest terror attack there since 2008. a policeman killed trying to stop tuesday's bloodshed at a synagogue is now being hailed as a hero. thousands gathered for his fun ranle ral on wednesday. >> tuesday morn, two palestinians armed with knives as well as a gun slipped into a sin nothing. they murdered four rabbis before
10:44 pm
they were shot and killed by police. >> and a little bit of context for you. tuesday's attack was actually the latest of many, but it is unusual in the sense that it happened in an orthodox neighborhood that hasn't seen this kind of attack before. >> also unusual is the reaction from the residents there. we have that part of the story. but first, a warning. the immechanicals in her report are graphic and disturbing. >> reporter: blood on say skrcr texts and priier shalls. this is the image in mind of israelis today. but at the scene of the the attack, a determination to return to prayers and normal life, despite the lingering fear that this attack may change this already bloody conflict for the worse. >> in a synagogue, predetermined, premeditated slaughterers coming like butchers. we don't feel revenge is something that we need to do. we believe god runs the world and god will do what what he
10:45 pm
needs to do to take care of whoever did something. >> religion has always been a key element to this conflict, a fight for holy land. none more so than skbrum's ha ram al sharif for muslim, temple mount to jews. sacred to both. but violence during worship have been relatively rare. in the last two weeks, two mosques have been set ablaze in arson attacks on west bank. copies of the koran, islam's holy book, left in ashes. in the neighborhood of the synagogue attack, a nervous tension. local media reports say one of the attackers worked at a neighbor store. freshly plastered signs now say jews employ jews. after school, children come to the grocery store just a few meters from the synagogue. he insists that the attackers did not work here. but three of the victims, he says, did shop here. and he recounts what happened when the young son of one of the rabbis walked in just hours
10:46 pm
after the attack. >> you couldn't see any sign of his body. >> he says he let the boy pick his favorite happy and urged him to go home. the only solace he could offer a child unable to fathom the horror so close to home. >> attacks in jerusalem, not quite an intafada, but certainly a community on edge. 43 missing students presumed murders are planning protests in mexico city and across the country on thursday. parents of the missing students marched through guadalajara earlier this week. they continue to demand the government act as soon as possible to find their loved ones. now it's been nearly two month
10:47 pm
since the students were last seen alive. certainly tensions in that part of the world are high. >> contest assistants at the misworld pageant will hold a special service on sunday to honor the reigning miss world honduras and her sister. the two women were found dead woenz. -- on wednesday. more on who police have arrested in this case. >> hohn duran national police say the bodies were found buried in this wooded area. maria, a 19-year-old beauty queen had been missing since thursday when she attended a birthday party with her sister, also missing. >> don't make me suffer this much anymore. and please return them to me. because i don't know why they took them anyway. >> reporter: but police gave the family the bad news early wednesday. they both had been shot and buried in the woods. two men have been arrested in
10:48 pm
connection with their deaths, including the boyfriend of the older sister. just 19 years old, maria already had an impressive resume. she was a finalist in the miss teen honduras pageant in 2012. >> this year, she beat 18 other contestants to win the miss world honduras crown in april and she represented her country in a regional beauty pageant in belize and was working as a model for a hohn duran tv show. the miss world organization released a statement. we're devastated by the terrible loss of two young women who were so full of life. the statement by the chairman says. the director says she was supposed to fly to london wednesday to get ready for the miss world pageant to be held in mid december. >> this was going to be maria jose's day. she was suppose supposed to travel to london, england.
10:49 pm
and now the dream she had can't happen anymore. >> reporter: in her profile on the pageant's website, she talked about her dreams beyond modelling. she wanted to be a diplomat for her country, a dream that will no go unfulfilled by her untimely death. rafael romo, cnn, atlanta. >> and by the way, honduras actually does have the highest murder rate in the world. followed by belize, el salvador as well. >> okay. we'll take a short break. when we come back, a lot more news here on cnn. introducing... a pm pain reliever that dares to work all the way until... the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve.
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>> we're speaking to a sports editor at the sports yup at florida state university. what do you know about what's happened there over the last hour or so. >> we do know there were two confirmed victims. not sure of their status. they are at hospital. we do know that the gunman was caught. we don't know if he was just arrested or apprehended or if he was, in fact, shot by police. when i was on the scene, they were still trying to evacuate everybody out of the library. 50 or so cop cars in the area. it's still a very locked down scene, still very tense scene. >> so what do we know about the
10:52 pm
situation inside the library? this was the library, the main library there on campus? >> yeah. biggest library on campus, open 24 hours. students are literally there all hours of the night. >> and whereabouts did the shooting take place do you know? >> i don't know particularly what floor. i do know that it was audible enough for it to be heard a building over. a student who was in one of the building next to it said that they didn't hear the shots and that they ran from that building when they heard them. >> do you know how many shots were fired? >> not specifically. i know multiple people, everybody in the area, either here or outside loud enough and enough that you could hear surrounding. and like i said, two victim consequence firmed. >> so the university put out this alert. how did people receive this alert, and what was your reaction when you got it? how did people 'rkt when they were first told to essentially
10:53 pm
seek shelter? >> we get them periodically. they could be anything from a weather alert to a severe situation. my first reaction when i got it was just there's a dangerous situation on campus, then you open twitter and see people in the library tweeting about it. just a scared reaction. an unsafe -- >> are people still -- are students still inside the library? or have they been allowed to leave? >> well, as far as i know, five minutes ago, there were still students on the fourth floor still trying to get out. that's why they still have policemen in the area. as they're told to leave, students are walking with their hands bo their head to signify to police that they have nothing on them. >> also, other parts of the campus are also down, not just the main library? >> oh, yeah. the building next to it, you could see students pressed up against the window.
10:54 pm
dozens, at least, on that one floor. all locked down the accompanying library on the outside of the campus. they are all on lock down. students are still inside. >> now, perry, sports editor with the student newspaper, thank you so much. if you can hang around, we have another eyewitness who we would like to talk to now. matthew who is on the line, an eyewitness to all of this. thank you for being with us. can you tell us what did you see when all this started happening? >> similar to perry, i showed up shortly after everything had happened. it was basically the more cops i've ever seen in my life, really. i walked up and the student body president as well as cops were tellinge telling everyone to kieb of get out of the way, to leave the scene. there's a park area between a main residence hall and a library. so students were starting to
10:55 pm
flock around there. trying to, you know, try to see what they could. but like i said, the cops and student body president were pushing people away, trying to get people to leave. >> do we know anything about the two people who have been shot? >> we have no information on them currently. all we can tell you is there's two people being treated at the hospital. >> so this just happened after midnight local time. how busy was it in the library? >> how busy was the library? >> it was pretty business s i. i mean, we have finals and such coming up soon. a lot of people have tests this week, and, you know, between 12:00 and 2:00, there's a lot more people in there than you would expect in there studying and such. >> okay. so just after midnight, you hear gunshots? >> yeah. there was a report of four gunshots heard around 12:30. >> were you with the people taking shelter inside the library who essentially were
10:56 pm
locked in? >> i was not. i was outside the library. >> okay, what about the people inside the library, have you had a chance to speak to them? have they given you an account of what happened i side the library? >> i have not heard of anyone in the library. when i was there on scene, they said they had everybody still locked down in there and they were sorting everyone out with their hand up. >> i imagine we're still getting more details from the police on all of this. there remains a very heavy police presence? >> yes. >> matthew, we will leigh it there. matthew, a photo editor with the student newspaper there at florida state university. this story is still developing. trying to get more details as that i come in. >> right. frightening situation there at fsu. okay, everyone. you're watching cnn. i'm zain asher. >> before we go, we'll recap the breaking news. this all begain two hours ago. now reports of a dangerous situation at the campus of
10:57 pm
florida state university in tallahassee. our affiliate there has reported two people have been treated at a nearby hospital for gunshot wounds. just who they are and their condition at this point is not known. rosemary churnl and errol barnett will pick up our coverage right after this.
10:58 pm
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. this is cnn, breaking news. hello, everyone, we start with breaking news. a major u.s. college campus on lockdown after an apparent shooting. it happened at florida state university in tallahassee. and here is what we know so far. cnn affiliate wctv reports a nearby hospital has received two


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